Every Day

French and Italian inspired desserts

The objective of Dolci Paradiso is to serve the customers not just a simple gelato and dessert, but an authentic sensorial experience. For this reason our dessert and pastry chefs puts extraordinary efforts into keeping high standards of quality and freshness every day.

Our Commitment

All Natural & Fresh

Our goal is to use natural and preservative free products that are always very fresh to give our customers the most authentic taste possible. Our gelato, made fresh, with all natural ingredients and will always be made on premises. We will use the finest and highest quality ingredients sourced and handpicked by us from all over the world. Authentic French and Italian pastries made for you, always fresh, using only the best and natural ingredients. Prepared by our dedicated team led by training from top pastry chefs.


Handcrafted with gelato makers from Italy, each flavor is meticulously calculated for the right percent of fat percentage, and solid to liquid ratio. Rather than adding a flavor to a pre-made base (a common practice for ice cream and gelato shops), every Dolci Paradiso recipe is made from scratch, allowing the flavors to shine and for the product to achieve impeccable texture.

Classic French & Italian Cookies

From tiny decadent Italian Baci Di Dama (lady-kisses) to the crispy and buttery French Palmier we make a variety of delicious cookies that will surely please every palate. Great for events, parties, or just a snack that is sure to put a smile on your face, our pastry case is full of yummy treats.

French & Italian Pastries

All of our pastries are made in-house by our talented pastry chefs and owner. Every recipe hand-picked by the owner to make sure and have classic French and Italian influences but with our signature twist. We may not make pies, but we make some mean tarts I tell you. And our creamy cheesecakes are not only loaded with flavor, they are sure to impress those with a discernible palate. From the traditional Sicilian Cannoli and Tiramisu to Opera Cake and Mille Feuille we have it all! Oh and don’t forget our rich and decadent Creme Brulee!


These beautiful jewels are the crown of our creations. Handmade our macarons make delightful desserts for festive parties or a fun treat for yourself and a friend. At around 80 calories each and made with no gluten containing ingredients, these sweet treats are great for sharing. Made with the best quality ingredients they will make you happy just by looking at them and then you will to try them….


Experienced crepe masters work to make each crepe just the way you like it, each handmade crepe is made to order.

Espresso & Coffee

A delicious array of fresh brewed espresso made from a custom blend of beans roasted to perfection. We proudly support Eote a local coffee roaster importing the best beans from around the world. We know the world’s best coffee comes from some of the hardest to reach places; Eote goes to the ends of the earth to source the best coffee beans.


An affogato, meaning drowned in Italian,  is an Italian coffee-based dessert. It usually takes the form of a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream topped or “drowned” with a shot of hot espresso. Choose out of our variety of gelato to make your own version of affogato.

Geometric Shape & Mirror Glazed Cakes

Learned from the international pastry chefs Dinara Kasko and Ksenia Penkina these geometric and mirror glazed cakes will definitely give you and your family the wow factor you are looking for. Traditional and signature cake flavours, mousse, and creams put together to create one of a kind artistic show piece which will look too good to eat.

Croissant, Cruffins, Cornettos and more…

Beautifully crafted laminated doughs. Make with rich European butter and delicious fillings and toppings. The layers on this items will make you cry. The simplest ingredients, the ultimate results. If you ask Chef what he prefers to make above all, his response will be croissants. Come try our Cruffins, a croissant dough shaped into a muffin, filled with donut-like flavors sure to make you forget any doughnut you ever had.